Ministry Supplies


Here we have located areas where you can register for events or request to purchase ministry supplies. Simply click on the link to go to the respective pages to register or request the items you are interested in. If you need any further information or assisstance please contact us at

Our Ministry Supplies include prayer cloths, annointing oil, and many other items. To view these items click on the picture above and then email to request and pay for the items you are interested in. 

There are many events coming up and if there is a registration fee you can register for the event here! Simply click on the picture above to find upcoming events and how to register for them!

If you would like to donate to the ministry of Alabaster Place Inc. please use the PayPal button below. Thank you for giving to the our ministry.

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We believe that with positive and proper training, guidance, education and support, individuals and families can be empowered to make better life choices and become people of higher morals, standards and integrity; enhancing our communities and society as a whole.


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