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Image by Max Kukurudziak

Kingdom TrailBlazers

To cultivate (till, sow, fertilize, water and activate) and empower individuals by giving the water of life (through God’s Word) refreshing, igniting and strengthening them to maximize their faith and move forward from the natural into the supernatural potential concerning their call to ministry.

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What is Kingdom Trailblazers Institute (KTI) International

A School/Institution for teaching, training and learning. Kingdom Trailblazers Institute (KTI) International is also a union (partnership) of individuals called to the Kingdom (five-fold) who acknowledge the importance of:

  • Being obedient to the call.

  • Understanding the necessity of coaching for the purpose of:

    • Accountability​

    • Fellowship

    • Leadership

    • Empowerment

    • Guidance

    • Fulfilling the assignment(ACTIVATION).

    • Interaction with other KINGDOM like-minded believers/leaders.


Kingdom Definition: The spiritual authority, kingshippreeminent position, rule and reign of God in which His will is fulfilled through vessels of honor.

Trailblazer Definition: a person who blazes a trail paving the way, such as a pathfinder or way-maker for others to follow (through unsettled country or wilderness), like as unto a pioneer in any field of endeavor.

Image by Max Kukurudziak

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