5K Run for D.V.A (Domestic Violence Awareness)

The pictures in this slideshow are from our recent 5K. We hosted this 5K to raise awarenss of Domestic Violence. To see what events are coming up please check out out Events page.

Training Sessions

In these pictures you will see the life change that happens in our training sessions. We come together as a group and encourage one another. If you would like to get more information about our training sessions please contact us at alabasterplaceinc@gmail.com.

Scroll through these galleries to see the impact of our teachings and events.

Click on each section to see all the pictures.
Physical Fitness

Here you can see a glimpse into what we do at "Work The Body," a physical fitness class that we host. 

Special Events

This gallery shows pictures from a few of our special events that we host. In this gallery you will get a feel for what our events look and feel like. If you are interested in attending an event please visit our Events Calender or contact us. 

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We believe that with positive and proper training, guidance, education and support, individuals and families can be empowered to make better life choices and become people of higher morals, standards and integrity; enhancing our communities and society as a whole.


Victory - Yolanda Adams
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