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About Alabaster Place Inc.

Alabaster Place Inc. is a faith-based non-profit organization established to create growth which will impact and encourage individuals to persevere and fulfill their ordained destiny while focusing on accomplishing a healthy and happy life.

Our name, Alabaster Place, Inc., was birthed from the theme scripture found in St. Luke 7:37-38, 48, 50 of the King James Bible. Our motto for API is: We are a “God Given/God Driven” Ministry (Organization). 

Alabaster Place, Inc.(API) & Kingdom TrailBlazers, Institute(KTI) adhere to a set of Beliefs and Core Values.

​We provide of a variety of services in an effort to reach individuals city-, state- and nationwide. Some of those services are as follows:

Individual One-on-One Consultations

(By Appointment Only)

Outreach & Volunteer Opportunities


We offer many outreach and volunteer opportunities for both local and international.

Physical Fitness


(Exercise program and health tips)

Resource Referrals

We can provide resources and referrals based on your needs and situation.

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